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t h e  P i t c h !

Q U A R T E R L Y N E W S L E T T E R 

from the office of the Executive Director 



Greetings to all and welcome to the International Urban Film and Music Society, Inc. (IUFAMS) Newsletter!  We are excited to announce the launching of our website:!  If you have had the opportunity to visit our site, Please visit it again and check out all of the changes and please continue to spread the word.  If this is your first visit, please peruse and visit often.  As you will see, our non-profit organization will continue to evolve into a major source for various aspects of the entertainment community and urban communities-at-large.  We take pride in knowing that our vision for IUFAMS far exceeds the norm for an entertainment non-profit organization and we look forward to bringing you programs and opportunities to enhance your future and the future of our young leaders.

Highlighting some of the exciting features of our website, please visit the Store Front page for ONE-STOP HOLIDAY SHOPPING.   So while you are in the gift-giving mood, make your purchases from our website (now or anytime of the year).  In doing so, you will also receive a gift, since every item you purchase in our store is tax deductible.  Plus portions of your purchase go toward IUFAMS programs.

And please do not forget to visit our Events page for complete details of our next SOL KITCHEN, Tuesday, December 3, 2002, held at the Nile River Café.  This is our third gathering of urban alternative musicians and artists.  Open to the public, the response has been overwhelming, with standing room only crowds.  Your $7.00 tax-deductible donation goes toward the development of IUFAMS programs.

So what are some of our programs?  We have a very exciting 2003-2004 planned for IUFAMS.  As an organization, our ultimate goal is to build infrastructures vital to the professional and artistic growth of those in film, television and music in front of and behind the camera.  With the success of our programs, we will be in a strong position to help the emerging professional artist.

Such plans include our studio and writers colony, where we will offer grants to promising, dedicated artists that run into obstacles in their attempt to complete or pitch a project.  To complement these programs, IUFAMS has designed plans to work with communities-at-large and provide specific agendas for our youth that further develops their business skills in all professional fields, including entertainment. Check out our website regularly and stay tuned for fun and exciting opportunities to get involved, donate (see our Getting Involved page), and participate! Our IUFAMS calendar includes celebrity game fundraisers, a Healthy Heart Walk, and a film and music expo with a unique twist!

If you have suggestions, please email us at  If you have any questions, please email us. One of our frequently asked questions is are we accepting membership? Having  involvement with other non-profits in the past, I expressed to the Board of Directors a main course of action needs to be implemented to ensure that everyone involved in IUFAMS gains from it professionally and personally. Therefore, we desire to have a team of passionate individuals who strive for goals of excellence. We assume that everyone involved with IUFAMS understands this philosophy: 

"What we do is more than a job, more than a career, its a lifestyle". 

We expect everyone involved to be prepared to help one another achieve goals of excellence.  Once our board of directors and advisors has been solidified, we will gather to create specific criteria for membership that will make each person that joins feel proud to say s/he is a member of the International Urban Film and Music Society, Incorporated. 

IUFAMS looks forward to bringing you the latest entertainment news, compelling information and food-for-thought articles and messages on our Home page and in this quarterly newsletter, THE PITCH.  With the holiday season upon us, we would be remiss if we didn't add our WORDS FROM THE SOUL: 

At a time when our country is at the threat of war and we have suffered so much within the past two years, peace seems like a necessary element in our lives.  I recently experienced what could have been another tragedy in my life a dear loved one was violated as someone broke into her home, raped her, beat her, injected her with a sedative and left her tied to her bed with a pillowcase over her head and a mattress pad and comforter on top her.  Not only are we grateful that someone found her before she smothered to death and rushed her to emergency, but we are in awe of her strength and courage.  We are also thankful and blessed that family and friends came from all over the country to her aid with prayers and support.  Because of her unshaken faith and her kind heart that is always willing to share, she made peace with the situation and continues to live her life with that sweet spirit that she possesses.  The holiday season tends to soften the heart of most of us, but how quickly we turn back to our normal ways.  If being kind and considerate of others is part of your make-up, consider yourself one of the blessed and fortunate ones.  We could all learn from my loved ones experience.  Please feel free to share this with others, email it, print it out and post it as a reminder of how our hearts should be and share some of yourself during this season and always.

Warm blessings and regards!

Selby Barrett

Founder & Executive Director  

(edited by Dawn Norfleet, PhD)