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Selby Barrett has more than fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry.  
o     Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication: TV & Radio Broadcasting from Colorado State University. 

o     Owner of Grin & Barrett Entertainment, a production and promotions company.  Currently shopping On Point Sports, a program that Barrett executive produced and served as an on-air talent.  Along with developing other production projects, her company is currently creating a publishing division as well.

o     Barrett has worked closely with talent at many red-carpet, star-studded events including an one-on-one talent interview with Magic Johnson during his annual A Midsummer Nights Magic event, the 8th Annual Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards, the 2nd Annual BET Awards and the Lion King Gospel Extravaganza. 

o     Founder and President of White Water Entertainment, Inc. (WWE), a film distribution company that caters to the short subject projects as well as the feature film arena.  This company is designed to offer publicity and marketing strategies often overlooked by the studios, specifically for minority/urban-filmed projects. 

o     Executive Director and Founder of the International Urban Film and Music Society (IUFAMS), an alliance that caters to the needs of artists globally as they build their careers in the entertainment industry. 

o     A professional public and motivational speaker.

o     Barrett served for more than two and a half years at DreamWorks SKG as the Publicity Executive in the International Theatrical Marketing Department.  Here, she coordinated with the press for various high-profiled events related with the companys film releases, including the Annual Toronto Film Festival, Star on the Walk of Fame and Chinese Manns Hand and Foot ceremonies, film premieres, press junkets, AcademyŽ Award and Golden Globe Award parties and other special events. 

o     A recipient of the Maxwell Weinberg Publicist Motion Picture Showmanship Award for the American Beauty campaign (from the Publicists Guild of America).

o     Has worked with top talent in the entertainment industry including Blair Underwood, Michael Beach, John Singleton, Will Smith, Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Ford, Kevin Spacey, Catherine Zeta Jones, Russell Crowe, Djimon Hounsou and Jeff Goldblum.  

  Tony Wilson


Tony Wilson hails from Johnston, South Carolina.  The USC, Cinema/Television graduate is also a seven year navy veteran where he served as publisher of his ships daily newsletter.  Soon an audio engineer for Lifetime Television, Comedy Central and several music videos, he also did a stint as a studio projectionist for Polygram Filmed Entertainment and the Beverly Hills Planet Hollywood.  He even served as customer service manager for the Magic Johnson Theater groups flagship theater, Baldwin Hills location.  Additionally, he co-wrote the home video hits MP Da Last Don, Da Game is to be Sold not to be Told and did a re-write on Foolish, all for Master P and No Limit Films.

Tonys commitment to due diligence drives him to perform his craft at the highest level.  People have often told me that the sky is the limit but I stopped believing that long ago.  For, given the universe, Ive learned that the sky is only the beginning.

Executive Board of Directors

Selby Barrett,

Founder / Executive Director 



Dr. Dawn Norfleet,

Vice-President, Music  

Anthony Wilson,

Vice-President, Electronic Media 

Kevin Whittington,


Trudy Baylock,

Recording Director 




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