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In an effort to give back to the communities-at-large, International Urban Film and Music Society, Inc. (IUFAMS) a non-profit public benefit/charitable corporation, serves as a vehicle for individuals to express their natural talents and benefit from these talents through the arts.  Set in an environment that alleviates financial burden, the corporation's focus includes, but is not limited to visual arts, performing arts, music, writing, poetry/spoken word, computer graphics, editing.  IUFAMS shall serve the entertainment community by providing grants and scholarships for potential filmmakers and musicians/artists, that lack the necessary support to focus on their craft.  IUFAMS shall sponsor/host workshops, classes and lecture series for individuals to cultivate and learn their craft in the entertainment spectrum, and shall serve as a clearinghouse of information regarding venues, activities, and funding opportunities for the public.  IUFAMS will also work with youth to help build essential skills in math and business.  Through special programs and services, the youth will gain confidence in critical thinking that will aid them, regardless of there future career path.



IUFAMS will achieve its purpose by seeking grants and sponsorships while hosting various entertainment and/or community events in order to raise necessary funds.  Along with grants and scholarships, IUFAMS will in turn take these proceeds and implement various programs and activities to nurture and further enrich the purpose of the organization.


The main office of the International Urban Film and Music Society, Inc. is located in Los Angeles, California in the heart of the entertainment community.  An Executive Board of Directors is being established to assist in further defining and coordinating the various activities of the organization.

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